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☆ What’s your favorite subject/course? Do you think people who major in your field can find a job easily when they graduate?

☆ What’s your hometown famous for? Is it good for young people? What will your hometown be like in the future? Can you tell me something about the public transport system in your hometown?

☆ Do you live in a house or a flat? Which is your favorite room in your house/ flat? Do you think there is anything that should be improved in your house/flat?

☆ Does your Chinese name have any special meanings? Do you think you’ll change your name in the future? Who give children their names in Chinese families?

☆ Where do you usually buy clothing? What is your favorite kind of clothing?

☆What’re your favorite outdoor activities?

What do you like to do in your free time / spare time? ☆ Do you think time management is important to our lives? (helps us to do things more efficiently / reduces our stress level / achive more in less time)

☆ Do you like swimming? What’re the benefits of swimming? Do you prefer to swim in the sea or in a swimming pool? (Day 8: D)

☆ What’re your favorite colours? Do you think colours have any special meanings?

☆ What were your favorite colours when you were a child?

Do you think families should eat dinner together? (more communication between family members / better nutrition, especially for children / pleasant exchange of ideas during the meals) Why are family and friends important to us?

☆ What’re your favorite wild animals?

☆ Do birds have any special meanings in China? (Day 7: Topic 19 ) Do you think it is important to protect birds?

☆What’s your favorite kind of weather? What kind of weather feels the best when people work?

☆Is it easy for you to remember numbers? Do numbers have any special meanings in your country?

☆ Do you think science is important to our lives? Why? (Possible Answers: Physics helps us figure out how things work. / Chemistry shows us the structure of the world and how materials interact with each other. / Biology teaches us where living things come from and what living things need to survive…) ☆Which kind of technology are you most interested in? (biotech / digital technology / space technology/ AI or artificial intelligence…)

☆ Do you often do housework at home?

☆ Do you like making things by yourself? What did you make when you were a child?

☆ What’s your favorite food? What’s the most popular food in China?

☆ Have you ever been to a concert? Did you like it? What kind of music do you like? What are the differences between going to a concert and listening to CDs? (We can hear singers or bands perform live in concerts. / We sing along and dance and scream with people who love the same music / But CDs give us far more choices. These days, concert ticket prices can be sky-high so it’s unlikely we can go to all the concerts we wish we could go to…)

☆What‘re your favorite public holidays? Are public holidays important to us? What do you do on public holidays?

☆ What was your favorite type of movie when you were a child? Do you still like this type of movie now? Do you prefer to watch movies in movie theaters/ cinemas or to watch DVDs at home?

Do you often visit museums? Do you think museums are important to our lives? When was the last time you visited a museum? Is it a good idea for museums to sell goods to visitors? (A Sample Answer: It may be a nice idea if museums can’t get enough funding and need extra money to support themselves. And some souvenirs sold at museum gift shops are neat! But museums won’t be able to serve visitors well if they simply focus on doing business.)

Did you like reading books when you were little? What were your favorite kinds of books? What kind of books do you like these days? Do you like writing letters?

How should young people treat elderly people? (treat them with respect / pay our grandparents a visit from time to time / learn from them / help elderly neighbours

What do you think is happiness? (It’s an emotion. / Basically, it means enjoyment of life. / Some people believe wealth can lead to happiness. / But actually happiness is more about being emotionally rewarded than about just being wealthy. / That’s why many super rich people are actually very unhappy.)

☆ Who are better decision-makers, men or women? (Men tend to act alone and make decisions based on our (their if you are a lady) own knowledge, information or judgment. / Ladies tend to ask their (their if you are a guy) friends or family members for advice. / Women are generally better at using intuition(直觉)for decision-making. / Men tend to pay more attention to the long-term effects of the decisions …)

☆ Did you give or receive any gifts recently? What were they? Do you prefer to give gifts or to receive gifts?

Why is money important to our lives?

☆ What do you collect? Why do people collect things? (Day 7:Topic 10)

☆ What’re your favorite flowers? Do you think flowers are important to Chinese people? Do you often give others flowers as gifts? Do flowers have any special meanings in China?

☆ How do you get news? Do you read newspapers or magazines?

☆ What sports did you play when you were a child? What’re the differences between sports played by boys and sports played by girls? What’re your favorite sports now?

Where do you meet new people? Where did people meet new people in the past?

Do you like shopping?

☆ Do you like drawing and painting? What were your favorite kinds of drawings or paintings when you were a child? Do you think children can benefit from drawing and painting?

☆ Do you like taking photos? Do you like to take photos outdoors or indoors? Is photography popular in China?

☆ What kinds of pets do Chinese people like to keep? Do people of different ages prefer different pets?

Do you think air travel is important to us? (It sure is. It’s convenient, comfortable and … fun. Some people are concerned about its safety but according to statistics air travel is actually safer than car rides.)

Do you like dancing? Have you learned how to dance? Why do so many young people like dancing today?

Have your neighbors help you with anything? Do you prefer to have old people or young people as your neighbors?

Do you prefer to use emails or letters?☆Do you like advertisements? (Day 8: D:favorite ad)

☆Why do we need ads? What’s your favorite kind of advertising?



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